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Serving the Metro New York Area of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Office located at 462 Sagamore Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596 ● To Email us at Citywide click here  Phone: 516.747.9200 ● Mobile: 516.521.6612



Flyer Delivery in the NY Metro Area since 1974

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"Our hand distribution

gets results because

we place your message

right where your

potential customers live."

Pat Buonocore


Citywide Distributors

Citywide's hand distribution is best and we prove it every time!

●Our delivery method is more accurate than Every Door Direct Mail, and at a fraction of the cost ...with no duplication.

●︎We are perfecly suited  for Menu Deliveries, Coupon Distribution, Door Hangers, A Wide Variety of Home Improvement Deals, Circular Sales, and so much more.

●︎Door-to-door delivery is used regularly by many online businesses to achieve total saturation.

●︎We have a 95-100% real time tracking systems score and supply you with documentation to support all our deliveries.

●We continue to successfully serve Ad Agencies nationwide as a long standing member of the AAPS.

We Deliver Your Flyers to Deliver You Leads

We Deliver Your Flyers to Deliver You Leads

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